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Why "Beyond" Baby?


We go beyond standard care to provide a holistic approach to maternal and infant wellness. Through hands-on consultations, virtual workshops, and community events, we go beyond the basics to ensure you feel confident and empowered to make the best decisions for you and your baby.

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For happier and healthier families!
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Women's Wellness

Dedicated to providing comprehensive care and support tailored to the unique needs of women.

Newborn Baby
Infant Care & Health

Designed to provide your little ones with the best possible start in life.

Playing with Toys

Family Dynamics

Catering to the well-being of the entire family.

Community Stories

I want to share my story because I want to help other mothers who have lost their children. I want them to know that they are not alone, and that there is hope for the future.


I am a mother of two. I lost my first child, a daughter named Emily, to stillbirth at 38 weeks gestation. It was a devastating experience, and I still struggle to come to terms with it.

I had a healthy pregnancy, and everything seemed to be going well. But then, one day, I went into labor and Emily was born stillborn. The doctors told me that there was nothing they could have done to prevent her death.

Losing Emily was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I felt like my whole world had been turned upside down. I didn't know how I was going to go on.

But I eventually found the strength to pick myself up and move on. I had my second child, a son named James, and he is my whole world. He gives me the strength to keep going.


Sarah, A.

Raise awareness of the issue of maternal, fetal, and child mortality and/or morbidity. These are just a few of the many stories that could be told. If you have a story to share, please contact us. We would be honored to feature it on our website.

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